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Current version: 1.3

Photo Importer

For me, running a shared iPhoto library is a bit of a hassle. Here are the mundane tasks I go thru in order to import photos into my shared iPhoto library.

The Normal way

  1. Import photos from camera or phone
  2. Move all the photos to a network share located on remote mac, in my case a Mac Mini Server.
  3. Launch Screen Sharing
  4. Launch iPhoto
  5. Import photos
  6. Clean up the network share

With the help of Photo Importer you can reduce this to only 3 steps.

The zen way

  1. Import photos from your phone or camera
  2. Place them in your Photo Importer folder*
  3. Sit back, relax and enjoy the magic.
    1. *In my case, Photo Importer is watching a Dropbox folder As mentioned above, Photo Importer is capable of importing files from any other sync service, as long as it has a local storage on your mac.