Mac App Store
Current version: 1.5


Version 1.5

  • Added Launch at Login
  • Added Notification Center support
  • No longer shows window at launch if Continu is configured
  • New application are enabled by default
  • Continu no longer intrupts logout or restarts
  • Removed window texture
  • Added Italian translation

This release would not be this awesome if it weren't for Federico Travaini (@ftrava). He helped both with beta testing and the Italian translation. Thanks mate!

Version 1.4

  • Continu now automatically disables if App Store is the front most application

Version 1.3

  • Uses Grand Central Dispatch to launch applications

Version 1.2

  • Enhanced for retina displays
  • Global enable/disable menu item
  • Localization (English, Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Fixed "never starts bug" when adding new applications

Version 1.1

  • Apps are now sorted by name
  • You can add multiple applications by dragging them into the Continu window
  • Added homepage and feedback items to menubar
  • Fixed focus bug when adding new applications

Version 1.0

  • Initial release